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Are you considering what to do after graduation? Or maybe you just want to take a semester off? Maybe you just want a change of scenery, a career change, or to push your communication skills to the next level? Learn from the best and see the country while performing door-to-door canvassing. Campaign Stratcom shows you how to travel and gain experience you won't find in a classroom with ongoing opportunities.


As a political canvasser, you'll be responsible for communicating a winning message to voters, and educating them on the issues, door to door. Your attitude should be- "No one is a stranger." You'll generally need a working vehicle and a cellphone with a data plan.  

A high degree of independence and grit are required to be successful but Campaign Stratcom will work to find you the best jobs on an ongoing basis and make referrals for in and out of the political sphere.


Quick Apply- Posted Job Opportunities

We'll be in touch!

You may be asked to submit the following:

  • Submit a cover letter: A short cover letter should reflect your interest working in the industry of political persuasion and your preferred geographical location and availability.

  • Submit a resume: The best are limited to one page and will include contact information, education, and related experience in the fields of public relations and customer service.

  • Provide professional or personal references.

  • Send all documents to

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