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Basic Tips for Better Conversations

If you need to get better at conversations, fast, don't sweat. These simple things can make you a pro in no time. Just remember there's always room for improvement and it's ok to fumble. Just do your best!

1. Read out loud.

Reading out loud helps you articulate well and find words fast. When thinking on your feet- being relaxed and finding the words quickly, even when you haven’t completely figured out what to say yet- will make you appear more confident and trust worthy.

2. Sing out loud.

This exercise get you used to projecting and being confident, even if you aren’t a great singer. Get it out there, have the conversation, give the speech, you’ll be fine. Volume is an important factor in relaying a message!

3. Look prepared.

There’s a lot of things you can’t control. But one thing you can is the perceived effort you put into your appearance. If you look like you put some time/effort into presenting something, including your personal appearance, people are more likely to lend you their time/ear. Make it easy on yourself and look professional.

4. Do your research.

No matter, what do your best to not look incompetent. Knowing your audience, the local affairs, common names of nearby places, some history, who elected officials are, etc will give you an edge in your conversation. Make it easier on yourself and know your stuff!

5. Look alive.

A lot of public relations work and campaign work involves a certain degree of acting or “playing the part.” Of course, it’s not easy to keep a smile on your face for extended periods of time. But that’s the assignment when you’re a professional communicator. Work on taking the lead when it comes to the energy level in your conversations!

6. Be a good listener.

Ultimately this means look for opportunities to be relatable. A little time spent early on in a conversation, listening and observing may indicate which direction you can take a conversation, and use a relatable subject matter to build trust.

Hopefully you can put these tips to the test! What would you add?

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